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Clumping Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Clumping Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Looking for clumping bamboo for sale near me? If you are, we are certain you will appreciate Palmco’s wonderful selection of wholesale clumping bamboo.

About Palmco

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality clumping bamboo, which is non-invasive. We are one of the largest North American bamboo and palm plantations offering incredible subtropical and tropical bamboos to customers across the Southeastern United States. Within just a few growing seasons our bamboos will help you create beauty and privacy.

Benefits of Clumping Bamboo

Because bamboo is an attractive plant, people utilize it to add color to their landscapes. And, when taken care of properly, it can also add a sense of form to your design. Of course, there are other benefits of clumping bamboo. They are:

• Slow growing; make great dense hedges and privacy screens
• Beautiful specimens and ornamental plants
• Effective backdrops for sculptures and other plants
• Able to grow to heights of 55 feet, but on average reach about 30 feet tall
• Readily controlled without barriers
• Non-invasive, generally remaining within close proximity of their main plant

Bear in mind that tropical clumping bamboos aren’t as cold hardy as running bamboos, so they are better suited for warmer climates. And, depending on which variety you opt for, we suggest you give them 2 to 10 feet of space if you’d like them to reach their full height potentials.

Bamboos We Love

At Palmco, we offer 15 different varieties of clumping bamboo, but we do have some that we are particularly fond of. So, here are a few of the bamboos we love:

Golden Goddess

This is a fast growing and easily maintained bamboo. It’s very cold-hardy, capable of handling temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it only reaches heights of about 10 feet, it makes a great container plant and is perfect for use on small lots. We suggest you plant it 4 to 8 feet apart because it will fill in nicely to give you excellent privacy.


Originally from Thailand, Nana makes a great specimen or centerpiece. It’s cold hardy to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and can reach heights of 25 feet. Near the ground, it is naturally branchless, and its thick culms with small leaves make it unique in appearance. When allowed to grow, it will arch at the top and create a broad canopy giving it the appearance of an umbrella.


Oldhamii is so popular it has been cultivated around the world, from South Africa to Germany, and is used here in the United States in Southern California, Texas, and Florida. It grows very tall, up to 60 feet high, and the culms are quite large with a 4-inch diameter. Theme parks all over Orlando use this bamboo a good deal, and it is considered the most common large tropical bamboo grown in the US. Also, it’s a great hedge, especially when needing to block second story commercial or residential buildings.


Considered a mid-sized bamboo, Seabreeze bamboo can grow up to 40 feet tall. It’s great for coastal areas in Southern California, Texas, and Florida because it’s tolerant of those salty breezes and high winds. When used in landscaping designs, it makes a great screen from unsightly neighbors and noise. Plus, it can tolerate both flooding and drought.

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