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Palm Trees Native to Florida

Palm Trees Native to Florida

Palm trees native to Florida are not hard to learn about when you contact the experts at Palmco. With more than four generations of experience in the palm tree industry you can trust us with all your palm tree needs.

We are a family owned business that is home to more than 600 acres of palm tree production. In fact, Palmco is one of the largest palm tree plantations in North America. And, our commitment to excellence in green growth processes and customer service assures you that you will receive gorgeous trees on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

Florida Palm Trees

Florida is home to several different varieties of native palms. If you are looking to plant only native species for your commercial or residential clients, these are the palms to consider:

Royal (Roystonea regia). Royal palms are native both to Florida and Cuba. They have a moderate to high drought tolerance and can reach heights of 70 feet. Their striking appearance and large stature make them notable in any landscape. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most beautiful palms in the world. Architects adore them and that is why they are often used for high end homes, shopping centers, resorts, gated communities, and to line streets.
Sabal (Sabal palmetto). Known as Florida’s state tree and also called the Cabbage Palm, these palms are native to the Gulf Coast, South Atlantic states in the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. They grow quite slowly and that is why they are harvested in the wild. When used properly, these palms exude true southern charm. They require a good deal of watering when first planted but are also highly drought tolerant and can grow as tall as 40 feet.
Thatch (Thrinax radiata). Hailing from the southernmost parts of Florida, these palms are slow growers. They don’t exceed 20 feet in height but are highly salt and drought tolerant. They are great container and landscape specimens and can grow in multiple trunk forms. Birds love the fruit they produce, but you will have to prune dead fronds a few times a year to ensure optimal production and growth.

Though these are the only native Florida palms that we sell, Florida provides an ideal climate for many other palm tree varieties. So, if your clients are not devoted to strictly Florida native palms, here are some of our other top choices for the state:

Coconut-Maypan (Cocos nucifera). These palms are suitable for zones 10B-11 and are originally from Jamaica. They are highly drought and salt tolerant and will reach maximum heights of 50-80 feet. Coconut-Maypans are actually hybrids that were specifically engineered to be resistant to Lethal Yellowing while also being exceptionally cold hardy.

Montgomery (Veitchia montgomeryana). Hailing from Vanuatu in the South Pacific, these palms have slim trunks and display their leaf scars. Southwest Florida is the ideal home for this tall beauty, and our mild winter conditions suit it nicely. Beautifully green in the spring, summer and fall, the leaves can be sensitive and not appreciative of cold winter winds. Thankfully, since these palms don’t exceed 35 feet in height, they will never dwarf a residence and can capitalize on small spaces.

Palm trees native to Florida are an excellent idea for people devoted to maintaining a traditional Florida feel in their landscape designs. And, since Palmco is a premier palm tree purveyor, we are prepared to offer you both native and nonnative palms that will thrive in Florida’s climate. You can place orders, or ask questions, by giving us a call at (239) 283-1329.


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