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Palms: Sylvestris

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Common Name: Silver Date Palm
Scientific Name: Phoenix Sylvestris
Zone: 8B-11
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: India
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Typical Height: 40' OA


What can we say about the Phoenix sylvestris? A fun fact is that the word Phoenix means “purple” Sylvestris means “wild”. This palm is also known by many names including Sylvester, Silver Date Palm, Wild Date Palm, Toddy Palm, and India Date Palm. The Sylvester is native to Southern Pakistan & most of India.

The Phoenix Sylvestris grows in plains and scrublands. The fruit from this palm species is used to make wine and jelly. The sap is tapped and drunk fresh or fermented into toddy thus the name Toddy palm. The fresh sap can be boiled to make palm jaggery popular in India. The leaves may be used to make mats & bags.

The Silver Date palm is a slow grower approximately 1 to 3 feet a year but can reach heights of 40 feet plus and 10 to 15 feet wide. The Silver Date Palm prefers full sun and can withstand temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The trunk of the Phoenix sylvestris Palm has a solitary robust trunk, with an interesting diamond pattern created by leaf scars.

The Wild Date Palm’s trunk can have a special cut done to it making the deep orange of the trunk really stand out.

The Phoenix sylvestris is most often compared to the Canary Island Date palm. The Phoenix sylvestris does not get as large as the Canary Island Date palm but is also not suseptibal to the weevil.

Maintenance for the Silver Date Palm is fairly easy. This tree requires some trimming of dead leaves to prevent “skirting”. This particular palm does have spines or sharp edges so use extreme caution when handling. To prevent nutritional deficiency you should always use a good palm fertilizer that has a slow release at least twice a year. The Silver Date Palm performs best with scheduled irrigation.

The Silver Date Palms popularity is definitely on the rise among landscapers because of its low maintenance and beautiful appearance.

Many landscapers are using this stand out palm on golf courses, to line streets, and center pieces for luxury homes. This Palm is popular from as far East as Georgia to as far West as Oregon.

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